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Punishment too lenient

>but I finished uni and so lost my
>web/email access

You killed UniRabbit?  No!  No! NOOOOOOO!!!  I can't believe it, and I 
certainly can't believe that your only punishment was to lose your modem 
privileges.  I'll have to have a talk with your parents....

> Nope, no Kim Yeoman... Plenty of other names I haven't seen in ages,
> but definitely no Kim Yeoman.

And yes, Kim Yeoman WAS (or maybe still is) on the list.  I have forgotten 
her Nam-du-digitalis but I used to talk to her.  She was also definitely on 
AOL, so maybe that'll narrow down the search.

>Would you mind removing the blunt vulgarity from any future posts? I
>personally don't appreciate it.

I don't get it.  I just don't get it...........

And, finally, Larry:

>Since you're a math major, Dan, it's going to be your task to count the 
>spectators while we march.

I believe you're confused, Larry.  Being a math major nowadays just means 
you're really, really good at using a calculator.  I couldn't count to 3 to 
save my life.  


PS: 2+2? 42! (42 is ALWAYS the answer)
PPS:  See?  I'm getting in to this RE RE RE RE RE thing!  Just like Aritha