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Hi Folks!
I agree with everyone on the "V" subject.  I think everyone knows the difference between a little ribald humor and stuff that many would find offensive, so enough said about that. 
For those who don't know, Muslin Crow is the famous Kim Yeoman, who mostly lurks these days.  (cool non-Sergio Groo reference, Kim!)
Hey you folks who can keep track of how many e-mails everyone sends!!  What are the totals for this year so far?  Last year I was second to Nate for the year and second to Ruben since the dawn of the Groop.  I think Gabe might have the lead this year.  (btw, this is a dubious honor at best)  
I just sent away for my GROO Street sign.  The Middletown Public Works Department didn't have any "just lying around", but they gave me the name of the folks who make them and the guy there was more than happy to send me one for a reasonable price.  Hey Larry!  You are still going out there to take some pictures, aren't you?  
I just have one more question:  Do you think running gas is something you get after you've eaten dognuts? 
Take care all -Gary G.  (Who STILL hasn't gotten his lunch box!!!)