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>Who is Moebius? and do any of you read Arzach?  Sergio & Stan were guest
>artists, and it blew me away.

Moebius is Jean Giraud (b. 1938), a French cartoonist who first came to
fame with a western strip called Fort Navajo which became Lieutenant
Blueberry. He also has worked for the French magazine Metal Hurlant. This
is where "The Garage Hermetic of Lewis Carnelian" (or Airtight Garage) was
first published.

FYI, my former drawing partner and I have a graphic novel written and
half-way pencilled (27 pages) in a Moebius-inspired style. Doug was HIGHLY
influenced by Moebius. Now all I have to do is start inking it!! (Gary's
shouting at his computer screen right now, "NO! DO MY MULCH STRIP FIRST!")
I may post a page of it at some point.