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Re: Potpourri & Couple of Things

No, no, no, Larry.  It's not an official Groo sighting because Sergio didn't
draw it.  (and if he drew it, it would have an asterix because it's the word
"Groo" and not a drawing of Groo. )

And PLEASE go to Groo street and take a picture of a sign in it's natural
setting (Which maybe the sewrage treatment plant by now) That would be cool
to have with the actual sign.

Jacob, I do a word search for Groo on ebay.  Amongst all the Groo stuff a
postcard made in 1910 that is "a picture of Linden Avenue taken from Groo
Street in Middletown NY" showed up.  I contacted Middletown and,
surprisingly, Groo street is still there.  Groo is an unusual sir name that
shows up once in a while.

I think I read a thing about Scott Shaw! where he said the exclamation point
started back in High SChool and he just stuck with it.  Mark knows all about
it I'm sure.

Take care all -Gary G.

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>In a message dated 11/6/99 12:50:48 PM, MuslinCrow@worldnet.att.net writes:
>Well, Kim, I guess this counts as a Groo sighting for Gary. Now he has to
>a copy of every newspaper in America that carries Speed Bump!
>In a message dated 11/6/99 7:15:48 PM, grossfam@olywa.net writes:
>> Hey Larry!  You are still going out there to take some pictures, aren't
>Although I'm sure getting an actual Groo Street sign is MUCH better than
>a picture of one, if you still want the pic I'm still up for the trip. I'm
>sure a pic of the sign in it's natural habitat is still interesting. After
>all, it'll be cool to see if there are any houses still standing within a
>mile radius of Groo Street!!!
>Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy