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Re: I return!

Gabriel Owens wrote:
> Denis wrote:
>> Nope, no Kim Yeoman... Plenty of other names I haven't seen in ages,
>> but definitely no Kim Yeoman.
> Her email name was Muslincrow or some such.  She did indeed send quite
> a few posts earlier this year.

Which was around about the time I disappeared from the groop...
I think I grooed.

Groosum wrote:
> Would you mind removing the blunt vulgarity from any future posts? 
> I personally don't appreciate it.
And various other people wrote:
> "I agree"
or variations thereof.

Yes, it appears I grooed real bad.
Apologies to all those offended or unappreciative of the gratuitous
vulgarity in my previous post - the offending .sig has been taken out
the back, doused in cheese dip, and is currently waiting for Groo to
arrive and lick it off.  If anyone can think of a worse punishment,
let me know... A new, non-vulgar .sig is included below.

I'll shut up now,
Denis Hackney - http://www.mpx.com.au/~dhackney
"I'm a pretty dangerous dude when I'm cornered!"
Yeah, you go to pieces so fast people get hit by the shrapnel..."