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Signed groo guestbook

Hi everybody!

I would like to consult you about my quiz.. someone wrote in my guestbook
that they thought that to credit Mark for "writing" was a bit to much since
Sergio also does part of that.. I agree.. so.. any ideas of how I should
formulate my question instead? I have no idea... the message i mentioned is
attached below..


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>Date: Mon, 08 Nov 1999 22:54:16 +0100 (MET)
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>From: Aaron Wolf <ACWOLF@aol.com>
>Subject: Signed groo guestbook
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>found: From the Groop
>comments: Great quiz.  It should be longer and there is one serious error.
 Mark Evanier does NOT write Groo.  What he does is more like
&quot;scripting.&quot;  Sergio should be credited with far more than
drawing the comic.  He creates the basic stories and designs the
characters.  Not to discredit Mark, as what he does is essential, but he is
not the writer.  Check the Groo chronicles.  Sergio presents mark with some
pages and tells him what the story is.  Mark writes out dialouge and works
with Sergio to perfect the story.  But there is a reason it is called
&quot;Sergio Aragonés' Groo The Wanderer&quot;, &quot;by Sergio
Aragonés&quot;, Mark Evanier (cryptographer...). At groo.com Mark is only
credited with answering letters and writing peoms.  He does a lot more than
that!  But it is Sergio's comic, both art and authoring.