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Re: Punishment too lenient

>Hi guys/grrls!
>>>Yes.  No swearing, no cheating, and no stealing ...
>Kevin wrote:
>>But can we slay, Eric, can we slay? Are we allowed
>>frays?? I can understand prohibiting those other 3
>>VERY nasty behaviors, but what about mindless
>>violence?! (and cheesedip?).
>Well, as long as there's no swearing, cheating, and
>stealing, then I guess ...  -- Wait!  According to
>Groo comic books, frays and mindless violence don't
>solve anything and usually make the situation worse!!
>(You need to read more Groo comic books.)
>No swearing, no cheating, no stealing, and no mind-
>less violence.

didn't you read the second moral?