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Re: New Thread: Groo Bargains

Hi Rick!

By "esoteric", I assume you mean Groo stuff besides Groo comics.  How have I
found some of the Groo things I have found?  Oh, man, where to begin?  Some
of the strange and bizzare things I have done.  The really weird thing is,
some of them have actually worked!!   However, I will start with two things
that have NOT worked so far because.....Well, because I want to.  There are
two Groo things I do not have that I would like to track down more than any

1.  An actual copy of the May 1977 edition of the CSUN (Calif. State Univ.
at Northridge) School of Journalism SCENE Magazine.  It has a Sergio
self-caricature on the cover with a snaggle toothed Groo among other
characters.  A Groo is also inside.  This is by far the earliest known
published drawing of Groo!!  And on a cover to boot!  You can see it and
download it from CSUN's web site.  They sent me a photocopy.  But that is
not good enough for me and any copies they had were thrown away because of
asbestos leaks after the Northridge Earthquake.

So what have I done?  Well, the Sergio article was written by a guy named
Jorge Lazano.  I did an Internet white pages search and came up with a list
of about 3 dozen Jorge Lazanos and sent them all a very strange letter which
started out something like this:

"Hi!  If you are not the Jorge Lazano who attended California State
University at Northridge 22 years ago, you can ignore this letter and I
apologize for taking a few seconds of your time.  However, if you ARE the
Jorge Lazano who attended California State University at Northridge 22 years
ago, I have a very strange request..."

And it goes from there.  So far, no response.  Oh, well, I have a few other
ideas.  I'm not giving up!

2.  The second thing I would like to find above all others is actually
something with a number of variations.  In 1986, 7, or 8, Sergio & his
daughter made some Groo buttons which they sold at the San Diego Comic Con
and no where else.  Sergio showed me what he had left at his studio.  There
were six different buttons and he had no extras.  I would love to find just
one!!  I have sent letters to every comic book shop in Southern California
(really!) asking about these buttons (with SASE).  A couple guys wrote me
back saying they remembered them, but didn't have any.  I have run ads in
the CBG and Comics MarketPlace.  Nothing!!  I'm not giving up on these
either.  But I've got to work on some new possibilities.

So there you go.  Soon I'll tell you about some things that did work, if you
really want to hear them.

Take care all -Gary G.

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>I'd like to start a new thread about finding more esoteric Groo and Sergio
>stuff, how you found it, and where the rest of us can get it too.