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Re: New Thread: Groo Bargains


By buttons, do you mean those metal badges with a pin
in them that sticks through a Grro T-Shirt for example
and clips into a pin holder thingy on the back ?

Cos I got 3 - 4 of them in New Zealand (?)

I have Taranto, Groo, Chakaal, Minstrel (from memory)

I pretty much bought all I could find which was not
many. Will ask around to see if anyone else knows
where they came from.


> 2.  The second thing I would like to find above all
> others is actually
> something with a number of variations.  In 1986, 7,
> or 8, Sergio & his
> daughter made some Groo buttons which they sold at
> the San Diego Comic Con
> and no where else.  Sergio showed me what he had
> left at his studio.  There
> were six different buttons and he had no extras.  I
> would love to find just
> one!!  I have sent letters to every comic book shop
> in Southern California
> (really!) asking about these buttons (with SASE).  A
> couple guys wrote me
> back saying they remembered them, but didn't have
> any.  I have run ads in
> the CBG and Comics MarketPlace.  Nothing!!  I'm not
> giving up on these
> either.  But I've got to work on some new
> possibilities.
> So there you go.  Soon I'll tell you about some
> things that did work, if you
> really want to hear them.
> Take care all -Gary G.
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> From: Rick Beckley <rmbeck@ibm.net>
> To: groop@groo.com <groop@groo.com>
> Date: Tuesday, November 02, 1999 7:06 PM
> Subject: New Thread: Groo Bargains
> >I'd like to start a new thread about finding more
> esoteric Groo and Sergio
> >stuff, how you found it, and where the rest of us
> can get it too.
> >
> >Rick
> >
> >


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