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Re: New Thread: Groo Bargains

Oops!  OK, so I didn't read your first message very carefully!  What do you
expect from a Groo fan?

Anywho, to Greg:  Exiled King Glorko is correct.  The Groo buttons are not
the same as the Groo cloissine pins, which were commercially mass produced
by Graphitti Designs and which may still be available through GD for $6.95 a
piece.  Their # is 1-800-699-0113  Their web site is something like

They also may have the last T-shirt and the statue.  I don't think the have
the improved Life of Groo anymore.

The hard copy edition of the Groo Chronicles is not easy to find, but Mile
High Comics seems to always have one.  The cover price is $39.95.  Typically
you will pay $50-60, but if one shows up on ebay and no one else is
interested, you can get it for less.  Mile High's web site is also something
like www.milehighcomics.com.  If I didn't get the addresses right, you can
always do a search and find them.  Aside from the major internet comic
sellers and searching in local places or getting Internet friends to search
in their local places, your best bet is to keep an eye on ebay.  But beware
of outrageous prices.  There have been several Groo mass market posters come
up in the last few months and they have gone for approx. $30-40.00.  On the
other hand, I think Mike Slaubaugh found a guy who had a couple in the back
of his store that he was willing to sell for a few bucks a piece.  So it
comes down to how badly do you want it, whether you think another will show
up, and then determining what you are willing to pay.

There, Rick.  How was that?

Getting back to the elusive Groo Buttons; they were made by Sergio and his
daughter when she was 14 and decided to become an entrepenaur (or however
you spell it) at the SDCC.  Sergio has a button machine, so they made them
and she was supposed to sell them.  Only Sergio says she lost interest, so
he ended up selling most of them and that was it.  Most people don't know
they exist and only some folks who were at that year's Con have any memories
of them at all.

Take care all -Gary G.

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>What things have you found that the rest of us might be able to get too?
>What are you looking for?  I'm looking for the Groo Chronicles HC and the
>Groo poster.
>Rick Beckley