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Re: New Thread: Groo Bargains

The hard copy edition of the Groo Chronicles is not easy to find, but Mile
High Comics seems to always have one. The cover price is $39.95. Typically
you will pay $50-60, but if one shows up on ebay and no one else is
interested, you can get it for less. Mile High's web site is also something
like www.milehighcomics.com. If I didn't get the addresses right, you can
always do a search and find them.

Speaking of Mile High Comics, I was one of the first bidders on ebay for the hardcover Groo Chronicles. I won that hardcover for $85.00 (this was before I was aware that this fellow had boxes of them and was listing them one by one . . .). I mailed the guy a personal check but he didn't send the product. I called him and he didn't recall ever receiving said check. Assuming my payment was lost in the mail, I cancelled the check and gave him a credit card # over the phone. He must have misplaced that information as well because my credit card was never billed! I own the HC Groo Chronicles for the cost of a stamp and the cancelled check fee . . .

Not that anyone cares,


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