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Lunch Box, etc.

Hi Folks!
Whoo-hoo!!  My lunch box arrived!!!  Actually, it arrived a week ago.  But the mail person, in true Groo fashion, left it on the porch of the deserted mobile home that is 2 doors down from my house.  (The folks who own it just finished a nice house in the opposite corner of their lot, but haven't got rid of the MH yet.)  Man is it cool!!!  (the lunch box, not the house) Embossed Groo logo on the front with a Groo, Rufferto & Soldiers drawing, a Groop shot of Groo & some of the repeating characters on the back, and more great drawings along 3 of the four sides.  Fantastic!!!  And I love that it's metal.  Some folks were balking at the $20.00 price tag.  I say it's worth every penny! 
On the subject of what Mark does:  I tell people the character, the original concept, and all the art and sightgags are all Sergio while the actual dialogue, the poems, and all the clever wordsmithing; that's all Mark.  Then I tell them that the stories themselves are collaborations and that Sergio and Mark are so in sync with each other that it is often impossible to tell who thought of what.  Mark told me in Seattle that he is happy for Sergio be the Groo quarterback while he is the lesser known lineman.  And he essentially repeated that sentiment in his last message.  So as True Blue Grooper Troopers (as Azamin might say) I suggest that whenever any of us hear someone say that "Mark Evanier is the writer for Groo" or conversely "Mark just writes the poems and the letters column"  we say in all seriousness "Oh no!  You've got it all wrong!  Mark is the Cryptanalist!"  (or any of the 100 plus titles he's given himself.)  And we just hold fast to that no matter what. 
I mean, heck, if we can't spread a little confusion and absurdity in the world, what the heck are we good for? 
Finally got my 1910 Middletown NY postcard with the picture of "Linden Avenue taken from Groo Street"  (it was with the lunch box mail) and there is a little bonus.  Nailed to a tree in the photo is a sign that reads Groo Street.  It was too tiny to read on the ebay scan.  Now I repeat that this is not an official Groo sighting nor will the Groo street sign be an official Groo item, so they won't be on the list.  But they sure are fun! 
Speaking of the Groo Street sign.  My wife has suggested that I put it up at the front of our house so that it looks like our driveway is named "Groo Street".  It was her idea!!!  Now you know why I married this woman! 
Anywho, take care all -Gary G.