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Lunch Box, etc.

> Well where do we get this sign from?  Have the lunchboxes shipped to comic book stores yet?
> Rick Beckley
The lunch boxes should be in the stores anytime.  The place that mailed them out is a comic store right next to Dark Horse Comics.  I think they and Dark Horse are or were owned by the same folks since way back when when it was a comic store and one of the hundreds of small comic publishers rather than # 4 headed for # 3. 
I have the info on the sign company at my office.  I guess I could have had a more local place make one just as easily, but somehow getting it from the folks who make the Groo Street signs for Middletown seemed appropriate.  I'll bring the info home and forward it to you.  
> Definitely. But the question is: just why does *she* stay married to
> *you*!? ;)
> Kevin
> But the question is Gary, why'd she marry you? : )
> Gabe
I was wondering how many people would follow up on my straight line.