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Alms, Groo Sign, Raptus

Hi again Folks!

Hey there Saad!  Why didn't you look up "alms"?  Alms is more or less
synominous with "charity".  Asking for alms is a form of begging.  The only
reason I know is because I've seen a bunch of movies where some blind guy
says "alms for the blind."  As I recall, a mendicant is a monk who lives by

Larry, your suggestion sounds reasonable, but you obviously are not
acquainted with the overly officious, anal retentive employees of Thurston
County, Washington.  (And that comes from another governement worker!)

Whoohoo!  My Raptus poster and program arrived today!  Thank you so much
Oskar!!  (and you too, Knight WSCD!)  Now I have to decide whether and how
to list them on the Groo List (the poster & program, not Oskar and the

The drawing of Groo on the poster and the cover of the program is not
original.  I've seen it before, but I can't place it.  A prize (a real one!)
to whoever figures that out.  It's probably early because there is no little
skull on Groo's outfit.  However, my thought about posters has always been
they don't need to have original art to make the Groo Merchandise and Other
Misc. Items section part of the list because...well because they are
posters!  So it's in.

The program is trickier.  It doesn't get in for the cover drawing (because
it's just a limited publication, not a poster and the drawing's not
original)  And MOST of the drawing inside is a reprint of a drawing inside
the Groo: The Most Intelligent Man in the World trade paperback.  But that
drawing has been altered.  The smoke and buildings are different, although
Groo is not.  Argghh!  OK, I put it on the list unless I find out from
Sergio that he didn't make the changes.  Anywho, the program is really cool
regardless.  It would be even cooler if I read Norweigen!

  Eek!  gotta go! Take care all -Gary G.

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In a message dated 11/9/99 12:25:18 AM, grossfam@olywa.net writes:

>Speaking of the Groo Street sign.  My wife has suggested that I put it
>up at the front of our house so that it looks like our driveway is named
>"Groo Street".  It was her idea!!!  Now you know why I married this woman!

Hey Gary, have you considered calling the Department of Public Works or
whoever is in charge of such things in YOUR town to try and get your
OFFICIALLY named Groo Street? Maybe they'll just make up a Groo Street sign
in the style of your town for you?

(I know I shouldn't encourage him, but I AM the Sheik of Entropy, after

Larry S.