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Re: If anyone out there can help me...

Alms are like donation thingies for the needy, as in
Kevin Costner's "Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves"
movie, Robin and his hoods go to the cathdedral
dressed as beggars and ask for "Alms for the poor" and
Marion gets her maid to hand out coins.

If a truly generous Alms-giver were to hand out cheese
dip then it would taste like it otherwise not much
chance of that.



ps - Is a Mendicant Fryer a device used by cannibals ?

> I looked up the word "Mendicant" up in a dictionary
> (don't ask).  This is 
> what I found:
> Mendicant, adj. 1. living on alms -n. 2. a mendicant
> friar.
> Can anyone tell me what the heck is an "alms"? and
> if it taste like 
> cheesedip?
> Thanks.
>      -Saad


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