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Oskar Wins the Prize!

>As I see it, it is Groo from the cover of PC issue 2, when Groo leaps down
>into quicksand away from a persuing army. Though he has been reversed on

Boy, Oskar, you are good!  No wonder it looked so familiar!  Well, OK, what
do you want for a prize?  I have an extra Brasillian Groo or something like

Oh, btw everyone, Oskar sent me a magazine that has a satire about Conan
called "Moanin the Bavarian"  (it's not in English) in which Moanin kills a
bunch of folks, culiminating in a battle with Groo.  Groo has a silly
(i.e.normal)  look on his face the whole time but finally gets sliced in
half (up and down) while Moanin has one of Groo's swords sticking out of
him.  Groo maintains the silly smile and one sees why when a woman who makes
Bunta look like a supermodel lays clain to Moanin and the last scene is
Moanin doing the ironing while being battered, knived, arrowed and rolling
pinned by Mrs. Moanin and all the assorted little Moanins.

My initial thought was I didn't like it because Groo was defeated in battle.
But then I thought that Groo proved smarter than Moanin by letting himself
be killed after considering the alternative.  So I liked it.  (besides, it's
not REALLY Groo because Sergio & Mark didn't do it, so it doesn't matter)

Don't know if the Luch box arrived at my local store or not today.  Didn't
have time to check.  (yes, I bought 2.  One through the internet and one
through my local store.  That way if there was a screw-up (like someone
leaving it on the porch of a deserted mobile home), I'd still have one.

Finally, I have a VERY SILLY Official Unofficial Groo List question to throw
out there.  I said yesterday that if Groo is on a poster, like the Raptus
poster, I count it as a Groo item, even if the art is not original for the
poster.  So should I consider the promo for all the Dark Horse Maverick
characters that makes up one side of the inside of Dark Horse Extra Presents
#15 as a poster?   The Groo is pulled off the #4 cover of the first

Take care all -Gary G.

PS  Someone wanted the address of the sign company that makes the Groo
Street signs for Middletown (and me) Who was that?

PPS The concept of a John Buscema  Conan sitting in the Bergen rain with an
umbrella is great and very amusing (I beleive that art is original for the
poster and program cover)