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Non-Sergio&Mark Groo

Hi Folks!    People wrote:

>Gary, you're talking about that old What the? comic?  I've had that since
>came out.  I just assumed you had it.  Goo was hungry!  I was pretty bored
>with the story until it got to the part with Goo (Groo).  Then I was mad
>cause Moanin' beat him. What The? had a lot of funny stuff in its early
>issues.  Now I wanna go back and reread them...

> I saw that at That's E & thought you already knew about it. There *is*
> an english version, just so you know.
> Kevin

>I do recall that, when in Bergen, they showed another story of Groo getting
>killed by Conan: in front of both Sergio and Buchanan. I dont remember
>exactly their responses but it is another one drawn by a norweigan artist.
> Oskar

See?  I don't know all that is Groo!  So I am not obesessed!!! (man, I
haven't said that in a long time!)

Groo drawings by others do not make the Official Unofficial Groo List.
However, I have an informal collection (still not properly catalogued) which
I call (for the lack of something better) the Unorginal Groo Appearances
(U-Ga).   Drawings by others are included and while they aren't actually
unoriginal, I just wanted one name for all the non-Groo List stuff, so there
you go.  I don't  actively pursue U-Ga's unless it is something that strikes
me as particularly cool or I just find it.  So I really am NOT obsessed with
Groo drawings by others.

HOWEVER, Oskar was kind enough to send me the Moanin comic and now I find
out it's in English (Which came first?) so I'd like to find that if I could.

And regardless of anyone else's scribblings, ALWAYS remember Mark's short
and sweet description of what would happen in any Groo Crossover:  Panel #1:
Groo meets other Character.  Panel #2:  Groo kills Other character.  End of

Well, this has been one of my more boring posts, so I will end it.  By for
now and take care -Gary G.