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Re: Non-Sergio&Mark Groo

I believe it was what the? Number nine or one of the really early issues of that series. Early 1990's. Its gotta a picture of a barbarian looking chick with Irving Forbush on the cover. Just in case you wanted to pick it up. You local comic shop has probably got it in the 25 cent bin.

Basic premise: Moanin goes on a quest but misses his poodle (I know...) comes back after years, finds his family slaughtered, along with his beloved pooch, tracks the killer to Goo (Groo parody). They battle for days till Moanin breaks the unspoken law of battle by saying: Hey Goo! Behind you! In which Goo turns around and says"Where I don't see.." And gets chopped in half. Obviously NOT a true Groo story.

Mark, were you aware of this story?  If so, what did you think of it?


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