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RE: A Rigorous Proof generally hurts!

Yikes, I'm over a week behind in my e-mail reading!

What's wrong with being a Math major?  I was a math major and I turned out
fine, but perhaps that was because of that staunch German minor that I got.
Just because I don't post as much as I used ... oh wait, I never post that
much.  Now I remember Analysis, boy, that class SUCKED proving Calculus!
That's what drove me over the brink and now I'm no longer creative - I guess
that's where TGD is right now.  I'm sorry!


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A sad and lonely man stated:

> TGD (well, he used to post 20 times a day)

Yeah *sniff sniff*, those were the good ol' days, when I was more creative.
I should never have become a Math major.......


PS:  No! NO!  Riemann geometry..Cauchy sequences...*gasp* **Hybperbolic
Paraboloids**..can't escape...AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!