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Counting ... am I a Math Major?

Okay, someone (Gary?) asked about how many posts there were so far this year
and who had the most.  Now since I delete duplicate messages and most of the
"Get me the heck off this mailing list" messages (unless there's some good
discussions on them), I list 4258 messages (before my posts) as of Saturday,
November 13th, 9:12PM (CST) with last message being from Gabe Owens.

Here's the list (remembering that name changes are not always easy to track
and I only grabbed the "BIG" posters):

Nate "Sparky" Piekos:  446 (suprised that he posted over 10% of all messages
so far?)
Gary "Dessessbo" Grossman:  111/212=323 (a suprising second?)
Schechner & Associates (King of Glorko):  228
Eric Chun:  218
Ruben Arellano:  218
Azamin "Cantona" Zainol Abidin:  170
Mark Evanier:  167 (Still need to send you all my duplicate Groo cards...
one of these days)
Kevin S ("Kids in the...") Hall:  142
TGD:  134
Gabe Owens:  48/111=159
Bryan Shultz:  82
Tracy Parrow:  77
Satsui no Hadou ni Mezameta Saad:  70
Sean "Bones" McCoy:  65
Finn Smith:  64
Magnus Lindgren:  62
GrooJedi/Jacob Starkey:  35/21=56
Groosum:  54
Larry S(hiekOfEntropy):  51
Mein Name/Squirrel:  19/24/2=45
Tennille Tan:  44
Mike Slaubaugh:  43
The Knight Who Says Cheesedip:  42
Chad Riden:  41
Greg Craill:  40
Dan LaLande:  32
Dieter Opfer:  25
Dr./Shane Clark:  25/142=167
Jason Wade:  25
Joe Fricano:  25
Ronny Hansen:  24
Muslin Crow (Kim Y.):  21
Lia Bulaong:  20 (slow year in Australia, must be getting ready to be the
first into the Y2K, not quite yet the new millenium)
Ken Fritts:  20
Kenneth R Simon:  20
Superzeus:  20
Oskar Sjöström:  19
Jeff Kozicki:  19
ANIMAL !/#1:  17
Vaughn H. Seward:  17
Lucky Cat:  16
Scott Hudlow:  15
Josh "Evening Optimist" "Jinxed Guppy" "Moist Fork" Jones:  12
Mike Stueber:  12
Denis Hackney:  9 (I'm amazed I came so close to his number compared to
years past!)
Two Sheds:  9
Charles Klein (me):  4

I'm sorry if I missed some or didn't combine some names (as I wasn't always
sure), but counting is SO much fun don't you know.  No big suprise on the 2
big posters, some of us would have to do a mail bomb to catch up to them (as
if it's a contest...).  Hope you enjoy, because that's 1 hour of my life
that I'll never get back.


Charles L. Klein