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Re: Counting (I was an art major)

Glorko,  The answer is 6.) all of the above.  However, you're not doing bad
for the exiled King of a planet whose unworthy populace you will exact
revenge upon by causing said planet to be hurtled into its sun.  (Although I
must say, this plan makes the chance for that triumphant return you are
always talking about somewhat slim.  [Perhaps the fact that you see no
conflict between these two plans explains why you are a Groo fan])

Your loyal minion  -Gary G.

PS  Nate, me, and you the top three posters.  I guess it's all in the

PPS  Do you think Nate has mentioned to Chet what Zoltronians do for
Thankgiving when you've just married into the royal family?  I don't think
she'll be able to find a schnerdloogleblaster that big in Rhode Island.
Especially since it has to have a gazundalupnik!

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From: schechner & associates <schechnr@flash.net>
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Date: Sunday, November 14, 1999 11:28 AM
Subject: Re: Counting (I was an art major)

>I'm *really* frightened that I'm third. This means that:
>1.) I don't have a life
>2.) I'm lonely
>3.) I'm gabby
>4.) I'm closer to dessesbo than I thought (double entendre intended)
>5.) I need professional help
>6.) All of the above
>Pray for me!
>Chris (and that's King Glorko of the planet Zoltron!)
>>Nate "Sparky" Piekos:  446 (suprised that he posted over 10% of all
>>so far?)
>>Gary "Dessessbo" Grossman:  111/212=323 (a suprising second?)
>>Schechner & Associates (King of Glorko):  228