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Re: schnerdloogleblaster

>PPS  Do you think Nate has mentioned to Chet what Zoltronians do for
>Thankgiving when you've just married into the royal family?  I don't think
>she'll be able to find a schnerdloogleblaster that big in Rhode Island.
>Especially since it has to have a gazundalupnik!

~~~ I was going to surprise her.  I ordered a  40 pound
schnerdloogleblaster over the net.  And the gazundalupnik is the purple
kind.  I went all out this year.  I just hope the nutrient mucus inside is
the gazundalupnik extra thick kind.  Maybe even with the fibrous chunks.
Mmmm.  Them's good eatin'.

BTW, (OT) In the latest comic I'm working on, I'm borrowing about 6
Groopers' last names for some minor characters (6 girls who are missing
persons).  If anyone objects, please let me know.  Names:  Grossmann,
Napier, Clarke, Chun, and a couple more.  The comic is LINT McCREE
MYSTERIES, my first "professional quality" effort.  Check it out here:

End shameless plug.

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