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Buzz & Bell, Groo, ebay

Hi Folks!

Buzz & Bell shows up on ebay once in a while.  I haven't rally paid
attention to the price, but I think they end up going for cover of less.
There were two editions, soft cover & hardback.  The covers have different
gags.  Inside they are the same. (there are a couple of Groo appearances)
One of these days, I will look at all the European Groo comics I have that
have Buzz & Bell pages in them and see how many there are compared to what
is in the Buzz & Bell book.  I think they were in Europe first.  Somewhere I
heard they were first published in France, so even the pages in the Groo
comics may be reprints.

Ebay, as many of you know, is very strange.  If two nutballs (like let's say
me and packrat) really want something, the price can get silly.  However,
this often has the benefit of bringing others of the item out of the
woodwork.   Most main stream Groo stuff, like the actual Groo comics and
early apprearances come up regularly and so you can get them at reasonable
prices.  Problems often come up when you are trying to round out a
collection and you can't buy what you need without buying others.  My advice
would be to never pay more per comic that you need than you otherwise would.
Also, the higher numbered Epics are actually harder to find because fewer of
them were made (like less than half) after they changed the distribution.
So you might want to keep that in mind.

Some cool items, like the statue, posters, and lead minis, pop up rather
regularly and some do not.  Or sometimes there will be three of the same
thing pop up within a couple weeks and then you won't see it again for
months and months.  So on that stuff, you just have to decide how badly you
want it, how much you are willing to pay, and then not worry about it if it
pops up next week and the price only went to half of what you paid.  Also,
as Mark has pointed out.  Somethings are available at regular stores or
online or over the telephone at a cheaper price than presented on ebay.
Always check with Gaphitti Designs before buying one of their items over
original list price.

And if you are a total nutcase like me and a few others and are looking for
obscure Groo appearances, you need to keep your eyes peeled.  Right now, for
example, Albedo Anthropomorphics Vol. 1 #3 from 1985 is on ebay.  It has a
letter from Sergio extolling the virtues of Stan & Usagi Yojimbo, and
includes a cartoon of Groo & Usagi by Sergio.  On the other hand, there are
things I have tracked down that have never shown up on ebay, and probably
never will.

Anywho, didn't mean to ramble on so about ebay, but a couple folks have

btw,  IF I ever got a tattoo, it would be a little heart on my right
shoulder with my wife's initial in the middle.  Some things take priority
over Groo.  (Of course, a Groo tattoo would be my second choice and I might
get one on my left shoulder)

Take care all -Gary G.