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Re: OT - Ohso TASTY!! (explanation)

Sean McCoy wrote:
> Wrapped in an old corn husk
> good to grub dawn to dusk
> add a splash of tabasco
> its sure to burn your *******
> >From: Groosum <adrobinson@centurytel.net>
> >
> >Freshly made with shredded beef,
> >for a side some lettuce leaf,
> >He wants tamales, piping hot
> >He wants tamales, do you not?
> >
> >Tamaleeeeeeees..........

Ah!!!! It is only HERE that I am *truly* understood!! :) I got a VERY
wonderful phone call today from the royal family. King Glorko has lined
up a tamale pipeline for me. I'm originally from the west, and New
England just does NOT know what Mexican food is...ESPECIALLY tamales!! I
was so excited I could not contain myself!! :)

Thanks for being understanding, and for those of you who joined in the
singing...darned good lyrics!! You obviously have a good grasp of
gastronomical gaiety!!