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Re: OT - Ohso TASTY!! (explanation)

I'm originally from Central California and was raised in the San Juaquin
Valley. Lots of Hispanic influence in my upbringing, ( I miss real mexican
food... ), but Wisconsin does have something to contribute to the
gastronomic wonders of the world, Bratwurst, boiled in VERY dark beer then
grilled to perfection.......

but tamalees...

Give me some heartburn, do.
Oh tamalees, oh how I love you.
( sung to the tune of "Daisy")

Kevin Hall wrote:

> Sean McCoy wrote:
> >
> > Wrapped in an old corn husk
> > good to grub dawn to dusk
> > add a splash of tabasco
> > its sure to burn your *******
> >
> > >From: Groosum <adrobinson@centurytel.net>
> > >
> > >Freshly made with shredded beef,
> > >for a side some lettuce leaf,
> > >He wants tamales, piping hot
> > >He wants tamales, do you not?
> > >
> > >Tamaleeeeeeees..........
> Ah!!!! It is only HERE that I am *truly* understood!! :) I got a VERY
> wonderful phone call today from the royal family. King Glorko has lined
> up a tamale pipeline for me. I'm originally from the west, and New
> England just does NOT know what Mexican food is...ESPECIALLY tamales!! I
> was so excited I could not contain myself!! :)
> Thanks for being understanding, and for those of you who joined in the
> singing...darned good lyrics!! You obviously have a good grasp of
> gastronomical gaiety!!
> Kevin

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