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An aquatic mammal's biting me! Hard!

Hello All,

Actually, I doubt anyone on this list has the name "All".  But that's beside 
the point (which would make another point, and hence a line).

I know, you've been missing my witty jibes and my rapier wit.  "Where's That 
Guy Daniel?" you ask;  "What's he up to?" wonderest thou.  

Short answer:  Involves the Coast Guard, dolphins, and turtle wax.  Too messy 
to go into here (especially with Eric listening)  

Long answer:  I received my Groo Lunchbox (also from TFAW;  thanks for the 
hot tip guys!).  And for the past week I've pretty much been sitting naked in 
my foyer (foy-'ay) staring at its glistening metallic bas-relived perfection. 
 Drooling.  It's shiny...SOOO shiny.. I....  

Excuse me, the foyer (foy-'ay) awaits.


PS:  I really had a good experience buying from Things From Another World.  
The best part was that you can use the online ordering process even if you 
don't intend to pay electronically.  You can just print out the final form 
and snail-mail it in with a check.  I arrived at my house lightning fast, 
too, even though I ordered snail-mail-ly.
They even send Payment-Received and Date-Shipped confirmations by email!  
Anyway, they have my vote (for what?).

PPS:  They do not, however, have the Groo Christmas Ornament.  they've never 
even heard of it.  Does anyone know where I can obtain such a precious 
artifact without having to get up, move, or exert energy in any way?  
(Preferably somewhere like TFAW).