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Fa la la la LA la la la OW!

Hello All!

Well, thanks to a Grooper's "inside" tip, and my own relentless pursuit of 
laziness, I was able to order my Groo Ornament online, without having to 
(ugh) move.  I'm getting it straight from the Manufactorer/Sculpter.  

It always surprises me when a seller on ebay pulls the rug out from under 
himself!  If he hadn't informed me who manufactured the little guy, I would 
certainly have bid on the ornament, which would have assured that he would 
have gotten a better price.  

Since, however, he gave the guy's name,  I went straight to the source.  I 
mean, sure, the price on ebay is better now, but with 3 other bidders vying 
for the prize, it wouldn't have stayed that way for long.  I would have ended 
up paying a lot more than $20 for the ornament in the end, if I had gotten it 
at all.  Plus no ebay guilt.

Anyway, enough from me.

If anyone wants to see the ornament, there's a pic here:


If you would like to buy it, just surf around that site a little.  I'm sure 
you'll figure it out.


PS:  Recursive:  See self-referential

PPS:  Self-referential:  See recursive