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"Your Role in the Groop"

I don't know if the handshake thing is enough.  I mean, it could take a
while before any of us even got out of the airport... (assuming the police
DON'T show up during the cheesedip beatings)  So I suggest (just for
Groofest)  we all shave our heads (girls could do a little ponytail) and
wear orange tunics.  This way, we really stand out.  We might even consider
all holding a bunch of posies in our "non-dipped" hand, and maybe we could
sing "Kumbaya".   And just so everyone gets all this straight, I'm going to
print up some 3-fold flyers on the procedure called, "Your Role in the
Groop" (we can hand those out)

So, in conclusion, we'll meet in the airport with shaved heads, orange
tunics, flowers, pamphlets, singing Kumbaya... oh yeah, and with dipped
hands.  Then we'll go to Sergio's place.

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