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Secret Society of Groo

Why don't we have fat implanted in our arms until their about 2 feet around
& in our nose until it looks like a potato or yam (or staple a potato or yam
to our nose). Carry 2 katanas while wearing an orange tunic wearing no pants
or shoes with a stuffed dog that looks like Rufferto tied to our legs. Can't
forget the orange head-band either.
Then we start slaying all the people around us that doesn't look like Groo
(unless they have cheesedip). I think then we'd know who was a Devout
Follower of Groo. Sergio can be the Sage & we go to him for guidance. Mark &
Stan will be Weaver & Scribe to document our frayings & Tom can be the
Minstrel (can Tom sing?) to sing our praises.
That should get us a lifetime membership to the Nut-House.


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