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Re: The Groop Secret Handshake!!!

Perhaps I caught on to this thread a little late...
Where is groo street located?

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Multiple replies follow:

In a message dated 11/18/99 11:23:27 PM, fuchikaka@hotmail.com writes:

>First, what's the plan for going to Groo Street??  If you seriously
>going there this thanksgiving weekend, maybe we can get togather somewhere
>and go there as a groop... take some pictures even... (of the street

I'm still up for the road trip either the Saturday or Sunday after
Thanksgiving, last I heard you (SAAD) and TGD were both interested.
Unfortunately, Unirabbit won't be making it, as she's heading back to
the day after Thanksgiving.

If you and TGD are available THIS Sunday (the 21st), it's possible we could
then include Unirabbit and Unibunnies (and anyone else in the area with an
interest), but I won't know her plans until I talk to her Saturday morning.
Let me know, and I 'll keep ya posted.

>Second, I might actually go to see Macy's thanksgiving day parade this
>thanksgiving... any idea as to how I might recognize you? (from the other
>clowns)  Oh wait...you'll have one fist drenched in cheesedip...

Yes. I am the DOGCATCHER CLOWN driving a DOGCATCHER'S WAGON. My clowns will
be dressed as DOGS, and I'll be chasing them around and they'll be chasing
back and stealing my WAGON and clownish stuff like that.

ALSO, TGD (DAN BRON) will be marching with me as part of a similar bunch of
clowns, the UPTOWN DOGGIE WALKERS, who will have the old
invisible-dog-on-a-leash gag.

I'll know where we are in the lineup on Monday, so stay tuned!

In a message dated 11/19/99 4:02:44 AM, oddman@hyperisland.se writes:

>Upon meeting, Groop members *fanfare* BITE THEIR THUMBS!
 Well, those are MUCH easier directions to understand.

In a message dated 11/19/99 8:23:26 AM, nate@piekosarts.com writes:

>So, in conclusion, we'll meet in the airport with shaved heads, orange
>tunics, flowers, pamphlets, singing Kumbaya... oh yeah, and with dipped
>hands.  Then we'll go to Sergio's place.
I can see why Chett married you, you're always The Man With A Plan!!!

In a message dated 11/19/99 1:30:35 PM, fuchikaka@hotmail.com writes:

>Second, for a truely Grooish handshake-type-thing
>we can always wear orange headbands.

Can we at least slather the headbands with cheesedip and then smack or heads
together in greeting? (I try to use the word slather at least once a day)