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see what you did?

What's this?  I get in to work this morning, grab some tea and low fat
pop-tarts, boot up the ol PC and I am faced with a desolate mailbox.  Good
god, people, do you know what this means?  DO YOU!?  It means I have to go
right to work.  I have no excuse to just sit for a 1/2 hour and go over the
e-mail of the previous night.... for shame on you.  My daily routine has
completely been shattered.  My tiny fragile world is caving in..... wait,
what's that?  Do you see that too?  That office chair just winked at
me......... shhh.  If you don't move, he won't attack..... that bastard's
been waiting for a chance like this..... but I'm not gonna let him get
me.... oh no..... I've got the xerox machine on my side.... DO YOU HEAR
THAT YOU CUSHIONY TWIT!   Yeah, I thought so.

~Sparky "This is all YOUR fault." Urinetoast
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