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Me, look at you! (was: Re: see what you did?)

Hey! Don't blame me! I just got here and I'm still tired! Luckily I'm subscribed to several other groups to keep me occupied when the GROOP is slow. Is anything happening in Grooland? Uhhh, I'm a bit closer to a complete collection of Marvel Groos thanks to Scott Hudlow. Still need about eight issues I believe. Still have no Pacific, but if I get all the Chronicles I won't worry about it. I just want the stories, not collector's items. I believe I have a complete collection of Image and I'm missing only one Dark Horse too. All Magnor, all Fanboy... lesse, what else should I have guys (Evanier/Aragones wise?)?

Oh yeah, The Death Of Groo!  Never got that one either.

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