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I didn't do it.. THEY did.......

Green Grackle:

So Nate, they've found you too, eh?     Well, as long as THEY don't know 
you-know-what about you-know-who, you'll be OK.  Just keep your mouth shut, 
and don't sit on any suspicious office furniture nor use any unfamiliar 
waffle irons (and watch out for window sills - they're the trickiest).  Leave 
no clues about the MFBT.  That is all.  

- Pink Flamingo

PS:  I REALLY REALLY need Epic Groo #s 95, 96, and 105.  If anyone out there 
has extras to trade or needs a desperate, groveling, lackey then please 
contact me.

PPS:  Unlike some DESSESBO persons named Gary Grossman who shall go unnamed, 
I will be completely happy with just a full run of Groo.