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Re: non Groo question for M.E.

On Thu, 25 Nov 1999 13:13:17 +0100, oddman@hyperisland.se wrote:

>Mark, since you´re pretty "in the know" about various comedic routines
>and such, do you by any chance know where the "toilet paper stuck in
>trousers" gag came from originally?
>Example: Ignorant man goes into mens room and when he comes out he has a
>trail of tp hanging out of the back of his pants.
>I´m just curious cause it has been used SO many times and I never really
>got what was supposed to be funny about it....

ME: I'm not particularly familiar with the bit or its origins.  I've
seen jokes about people with toilet paper stuck to their shoes...and I
think that's just an observation of something that happens from time
to time.  But otherwise, I'm no use on this one.

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