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Re: Big sale...

What you want to do is go to "store search"(or
something to that effect), type in groo.  but be sure
to checkmark all the boxes that say back issues,
tpb's, current solicitations, etc.  then all the Groo
items including the ornament and the lunchbox.


Jacob S.

--- Robert swett <spydaman@worldpath.net> wrote:
> > www.milehighcomics.com is having a BIG sale on
> everything. 40%!! But you
> have
> > to use the codeword "TURKEYS" on your purchase
> order form.
> >
> > You can even get the Lunchbox (which they retail @
> 14.95) and Ornament
> (19.95)
> > discounted by 40%.
> i can't seen to find the lunch box or the ornament
> any where on the site
> please tell me what to click on so i can order
> them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> thanks

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