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Groo Street


Not seeing much plans for the trip this saturday, I've dediced to come up with one of my own.  The way I see is, atleast ONE of us is going to bring a car (drive us to Groo Street).  So how about we do this?  Those of us who are going to come without a car, we get togather at 6th avenue & 33rd street, in front of Manhattan Mall around 10:00 A.M.  (I'll be in Black jeans, a Black jacket, a Groo T-Shirt, and a Tazmanian-Devil-as-an-Angel Bandana)  The person WITH a car, who would be kind enough to give us the description of the car (color, type, lisence plate no., etc.) will come around the mall at 10:15, pickus up and off we go.

...unless, you have other plans...

Questions?  Comments?

Oh, and please, PLEASE send your replies to Fuchikaka@hotmail.com .  I had trouble accessing my account, so I'm posting from here.


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