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Happy Thanksgiving! (responses to various posts)

In a message dated 11/25/99 7:03:57 AM, oddman@hyperisland.se writes:

>Mark, since you´re pretty "in the know" about various comedic routines
>and such, do you by any chance know where the "toilet paper stuck in
>trousers" gag came from originally?

Ahhh, one of my favorites! When I was in college I used to like to trail a 
50-ft long streamer of TP out of the back of my pants and walk cross campus 
with an air of nonchalance! I've got no clue on the origin either, although 
the first time I came upon it was Smokey & The Bandit (attached to the 
sheriff's eyeglasses, I believe?)

>Katie Couric (or whoever >that was announcing it) mentioned Larry Stellar 
>by name! Now I want to know if you actually got in the shot, Larry, 
>and did TGD get shown too?

The jury's still out on whether or not either Dan or I are recognizable, I 
haven't seen a tape yet, but a friend is lending me a tape on Monday, so 
we'll see. I've been told by some that they recognized me, but most weren't 
paying much attention until Kate Couric announced "?and here's Larry Steller 
and his Doggone Patrol? I was the dogcatcher clown chasing dog-clowns, Dan 
was one of a group of invisible-dog walking clowns who would also 
occasionally chase the dogcatcher away. Dan was very funny and quite a 
trouper, considering that we were doing all this in the rain. 

If anyone cares, tomorrow I'll post the whole story to the Groop and call it 
OT: MACY'S PARADE, that way those who couldn't care less can delete at will?

-Larry S. AKA the Clown of Entropy