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Re: hi (and communication)

At 09:58 1999-11-28 -0800, Jose luis wrote:
>hi people
>I´m jose luis, an spanish Groo fan. Thats my first
>mail to the groop. my english is awful and I can
>hardly understand you.. but never mind.

No problem there Jose.. we can hardly understand each other here ;-) That
reminds me of when I worked in a bar once. There were these two guys,
awfully drunk who didn't know each other but sat next to one another. I
stood there waiting for orders and then one of them spoke.. it sounded
something like "muhumuushcesuch". I just stared at him wondering what he
had just said and going it over in my mind to try to translate it if it was
an order. Then the other guy says something like "schesmushem".. (double
order?).. the first guy answered him and so the conversation continued. I
never got to know what they were talking about or even if they knew it. I
guess you understand people who are just as crazy, stupid or drunk as you
are! ;-)


PS: and how does Groo come into this mail? well, didn't you see the
sentance with the words "crazy, stupid and drunk" in it? I thought those
we're Groo's middle names ;-) DS.
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