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Re: hi

Hi!  I'm also new here.  I'm a Filipino and an avid collector of Groo and
Mad magazines.  My first Groo was the TPB "The Life of Groo" and I've been
hooked ever since, craving for all the back issues in this part of the
world.    I recently bought the 7-CD collection "Totally Mad" and it's
really cool using its search engine for all the MAD issues with Groo on it.
Check it out.  I'm also quite lucky because during one of my sorties in our
local bookstore, I stumbled into a couple of old, old issues of
"Starslayer?!".  Lo and behold! At the middle of the comic book, is the
very first appearance of Groo according to Wizard.  How much is this comic
book right now?  Anyway, if there's anyone interested to buy, I've got a
couple of extra issues.

Paalam mga kumpare,