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Re: OT: Macy's Parade

>Finally around 6:45 am my clowns showed up. All six women were traveling
in a 
>group (or should I say pack?), so it was a real fire drill getting them all 
>into their bulky costumes in time. The woman with the poodle costume was 
>quite chesty, and we had a hell of a time, ummm, stuffing her into the 
>costume. Since she was wearing a black t-shirt under the white poodle 
>costume, the fact that she was busting out (pun intended) was rather 
>difficult to conceal, but with a little perseverance and a whole lotta

>pins we finally got things settled. 

~~~ 6:45am?  Hell, I was up at 6:45am, you shoulda called me! I'd've
helped!  I'm not that far from NY.... oh but wait, I'm married now..........

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