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Re: hi

"Joel Rodino G. Reyes/MCLP/SMPP/PH/SMG" wrote:
> I stumbled into a couple of old, old issues of "Starslayer?!".  Lo
> and behold! At the middle of the comic book, is the very first
> appearance of Groo according to Wizard.

Starslayer #5?  Actually the second appearance of Groo (in the form of
an official comic story anyway - I'm sure Gary's got dozens of other
Groos from before then...).  The first was in Destroyer Duck #1.

> How much is this comic book right now?

I have no idea... mayhaps current comic prices could be something else
you could add to the Groo List, Gary - that way you can spend hours
every week updating them all.  We know you don't currently spend
enough time sorting that list out... :-)

Denis Hackney - http://www.mpx.com.au/~dhackney