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Groo's brother?

In a message dated 11/30/99 5:29:57 PM, woodchuck777@hotmail.com writes:

>And does Groo have any other siblings besides Grooella?

It's a little known, unpublished fact (read: lie) that Groo has a younger 
brother. His parents wisely decided to hide this relationship from the 
populace, due to Groo's widespread reputation for calamity, catastrophe and 
cat abuse. 

Naming the boy GaROOy GROOssman, which translates loosely as 
o-Groo-so-there," they usually just called him by his nickname "Dessesbo." 
This nickname was bestowed upon young GaROOy because the child never tired of 
reading the exploits of his older brother, as he scoured the length and 
breadth of the land for news of Groo's numerous appearances. 

Eventually, of course, he could not hide his relationship to the wandering 
disaster area with whom he was obsesseD, and was eventually exiled from the 
four-color fantasy realm and forced to toil in our own world as, ironically 
enough, a collector of taxes. ("Tax for complaining about complaint tax: 
seven kopins!") 

-Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy