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I seek the Sages' advice . . .

Hello Groop. I recently saw a lot of comics on ebay which claimed to have lots of early Groo conceptual/preproduction sketches and articles about Sergio. They are called "Pacific Presents" (numbers 1,6,9,8,10 and 12). Can anyone confirm that these are worth having? Any new and/or different drawings of Groo in these magazines? Thanks in advance-
A woman from Moore Creations called me at work the other day to inform me that due to shipping and painting delays overseas, the Groo ornament will not ship until January 2000. (Sniff) No Groo on my Holiday tree this year . . .
Hey Gary, I received your other message concerning the extra Insider Posters and I want to send you the money but I have misplaced your mailing address.


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