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Groo's Brother!!! No! No! NOOOOOO!!!!!

Gak!   Hey, wait a minute!  I may be a LITTLE dessesbo and have a FEW little Groo odds and ends.  I may have a GROO license plate and GROO Street sign for a city 3000 miles away and there IS a local retirement community that keeps sending mail addressed to Gary Groosmann.  But I am not Groo's brother.  I may be the trusted minion of exiled King Glorko (aka Chris S.) from the planet Zoltron and, with Glorko, one of Nate's erstwhile Parental Units.   But I am not, I repeat NOT, Groo's brother!!!! 
And besides, if I was Groo's brother, Sergio would have had to draw me.  I don't look anything like a Sergio drawing.  (Well, not much anyway.)  And Mark would have to write everything I say, Stan would be lettering all over the place, and Tom would be constantly painting me!  None of these things happen! (at least not very often)  So there! 
OK, it's been a bit by my standards, so here are some short posts.  First, Congrats to Larry (brother of Bozo) the clown and his faithful assistant TGD (brother of BFD) for the entertainment they provided to both little and big kids at the Macy's parade, for getting on TV, and for actually being mentioned by Katie Couric (who theoretically isn't anyone's brother, but you never know) 
Also Congrats to Kevin (brother of Monty) Hall for that really cool letter and mention in CBG #1359.  Kevin's sites are fabulous!!!!  And just think, he is getting to know all sorts of artists and writers who DON'T work on Groo (brother to no one, especially me.)  Kevin, do you make any money off your talents or do you just do stuff gratis for folks you are a fan of?  You need to go pro my friend! 
Let's see, what else?  Oh, yeah.  Sean, Finn, and Saad, (brothers to Moe, Larry, and Curly), send me your addresses so I can send you a Dark Horse Poster.  I should get them off by the weekend. 
On questions about Groo Stuff: 
StarSlayer:  You can usually find StarSlayer #5 in the 25 cent or 50 cent bins, unless the shop owner is a Groo fan.  Still, never go for more than $2. Also ALWAYS be on the lookout for StarSlayer #4 or Captain Victory #6.  These have the EXTREMELY cool two page original art ad plus the original art one page ad that shows up in other places.  Very few know or care about the ad, so you can always get StarSlayer #4 cheap.  All of these are from 1982.  The only Groo appearances (known) of any kind before them are Destroyer Duck and a couple things impossible (only almost I hope)  to find.   
Groo T-Shirts:  Graphitti Designs may still have some of the Image Groo t-shirts from 1995, but I'm not sure.  They have no others.  You can check or write to them from their website, which is something like www.graphittidesigns.com.  I think they have a few other Groo things too, like the pins and probably a few statues.  Other than that, you just have to look, look, look.  It's amazing what turns up, especially with all the consolidation that's gone on in the 90's.  Big unorganized shops are the best.  Comic shops where single-digit Spawn comics are considered real old are the worst. 
Care & Feeding of My Signed Groo License Plate
(note to newbies: I have "GROO" vanity plates on my car-shockingly,it still runs-and I took one to San Diego, where Sergio drew a Groo on one side of the "GROO" and himself waving on the other.  That's what people who drive behind me see)
I think I mentioned that I experimented on my old plates with a magic marker and discovered there was NO spray-on protectant that did not mess-up permanent magic marker.  I also quickly discovered that the combination of wind and grit had a scouring effect that would eventually compromise the drawing, so I bought one of those clear plastic covers. However, with the arrival of the monsoon season, I discovered that water and grit seeped in between the plate and the cover and would also do nasty things to the drawing.  So I applied the Universal Solution (aka Duct Tape) and I believe my beloved signed Groo plate is finally safe. 
As mentioned above, the GROO Street sign arrived.  It's a nice hunk of aluminum 18" x 6" with the reflective letters stuck on (I thought they would be painted like license plates)  Now the only question is where to put it?  Inside, or at the end of my driveway on a street sign post? 
Also, while I haven't posted in a couple weeks, I have been continuing me neverending search for all that is Groo.  I recently discovered that Groo was in the 1986 San Diego Comic Con program, one of the programs I do not have.  So I decided to get all the programs I do not have that might have a Groo appearance.  In True Groo fashion, I was able to find them all relatively quickly and relatively cheaply, EXCEPT the 1986 program.  They haven't all arrived yet, but it wouldn't suprize me if none had Groos and the only one I actually needed is the only one I don't have.  Oh, well...
Also, the Groo Lunch boxes arrived in my local store last week. So they should be everywhere they are going to be by now.  The ornaments have not yet arrived. 
And speaking of spending money, I just did the bills and I was over budget.  Then I added up the money I'd spent on Groo over the last few months and guess what two numbers were essentially the same?  Hmm.  I need to go on a Groo spending diet for a little while.  Of course, that's after the ornaments arrive, and then there's that watch Mark mentioned a while ago, and.....
Take care all -Gary G. (brother of Paul, the brother from hell, and also brother of Jim, who bought me my first Groo comic in 1985!!!!!!) 
PS  It's actually good that I am spending money on Groo at my local comic shop because Kendra just had a baby.  This all makes perfect sense and is true, which will also be the case when I tell you about my Sons' current girl friend situations which once again involves Erins and Beckys, the latter of which is also my wife's name.