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All Questions Answered

Hi again Folks!

Gak!  I just send a long post and while I was writing it, other stuff comes

Jacob, Spirit World #1 from 1971 does not have a Groo.  Sergio didn't create
Groo until 1977.  The guy on ebay probably meant it has "early Sergio
Aragones (of Groo fame) work in it".  (Take note, Ruben)  Whatever he meant,
there is no Groo.

Rick, I am talking about (and have copies of) the Dark Horse promo posters
from 1997 that have the same art as DH Groo #1. I do not have extras of Dark
Horse Extra #14, which has the "Maverick" promo poster that includes the
same Groo that is on the cover of DH Groo #4.  (It has all the other
Maverick artists' Characters, including Stan's Usagi Yojimbo)  Even though
this is not original art, I guess I need to add it to the Groo list with the
other posters because it's a poster.  I do not know, or have forgotten, what
Dark Horse Insider is.

Finn, thanks for the info about the ornaments!  Pacific Premieres was a
little b & w 4-6 page monthly promo publication for Pacific Comics starting
in April, 1983.    The guy who originally sold them only seemed to have
several copies of 1, 6, 8, 9, 10, &12.   (he still owes me a 10)  One guy
who was selling them bought these, got the work of the artist HE likes, and
is re-selling the others.  1, 6, & 8 have not- published-anywhere-else-I
have found Groo and/or Chakaal drawings.  Nice ones.   Plus #8 has as its
cover, the cover of Groo #8  As best I can surmise,  Sergio had a lot of
practice drawings in the early days and he gave them to various promo mags
and the like to use.  9 & 12 do not have original Groos and probably 10 &11
don't either.  Some day I hope to find 2-5 and 7 and see what they have.
(btw, my address is 8916 Blomberg St SW, Olympia, WA 98512)

Take care -Gary "Answermann" G.