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Re: Cool!

The images for Magnus' Groo Christmas cards originally appeared on the 
covers of Marvel Age, a Marvel Comics fanzine.   They appeared on 
issues #49, 73, 85, and 96.  Marvel Age also had two additional  
Christmas-based Groo covers (#61 and 109) as well as one non-Christmas 
Groo cover (#24).  Several of these issues also had Groo material on 
the inside.  

Mike S.

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Subject: Re: Cool!
Author: DanielBron@aol.com
Date: 12/3/99 5:48 PM

Hi everybody!  <Hi TGD!...>

Hey Magnus!  Those are cool christmas cards!  They sure looked 
Did Sergio draw them?  If so, where did they first apopear?  If not, 
then who 

>Unirabbit, Porn Star wjo goes NEE

Thats 'who', you weird creature from the Beyond....


PS:  Oh, why-o, Oh why-o, did I ever leave Ohio?

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