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Re: Cool! & MAD XL#1

Hi Folks!

Hey, Magnus, very cool stuff!!

>>Christmas-based Groo covers (#61 and 109) as well as one non-Christmas
>>Groo cover (#24).  Several of these issues also had Groo material on
>>the inside.
>Hey, two chrismas issues.. are they worth "making postcards" out of? Can
>anybody send me a copy?

Yes, they are.  But I can't get you a copy.

Sounds like the MAD XL #1 has no original Groo appearances.  But of course I
must buy one anyway because it focuses on Sergio!!!!

>  Nate wrote: >  ~~~ I dunno about Mr. Conlan, but I hear Gene COLAN will
be there.

OK, so I can't read and can't spell.  But you already knew that, didn't you!

Take care all -Gary G.

PS  Larry, I am NOT a tax collector.  I've been out of "Compliance" for 15
years. (It takes a different kind of mind to spend your career in
compliance.  These folks think of Grendel & Spawn as lighthearted stuff) I
am in "Taxpayer Services"  where I spend half my time telling overpaid tax
attorney's and accountants they are wrong and their big bucks clients owe
the tax, and the other half telling anal retentive Department employees what
the intent of the law is and that they can't nail folks simply because they
know the folks won't appeal the tax because the folks don't know any better.