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RE: Groo's Brother!!! No! No! NOOOOOO!!!!!

Call me crazy (as Ben Stein likes to say), but I double checked this because
... well, I'm on this list and have been for a few years now so that
explains it all.

According to my MS Outlook, the largest message without any file attachments
(including other messages) was by Ken Fritts on 8-18-99 (17k in RTF format),
but with a MESSAGE attached it would be Lucky Cat on 7-27-99 (18k RE:
Hotmail Hoax).  This is only for this year, I archive the messages at the
end of each year.

Okay, back to lurking again...

Oh, and thanks again Finn!

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> Gak!   Hey, wait a minute!  I may be a LITTLE dessesbo and have a ...

~~~ Great leapin' kumkuats!  I may be the record holder for most posts in a
year, but Gary surely  must win for largest single post... 10K!

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