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Re: Groo's Brother!!! No! No! NOOOOOO!!!!!

And speaking of spending money, I just did the bills and I was over budget. Then I added up the money I'd spent on Groo over the last few months and guess what two numbers were essentially the same? Hmm. I need to go on a Groo spending diet for a little while. Of course, that's after the ornaments arrive, and then there's that watch Mark mentioned a while ago, and.....

A word of advice though. Be careful you don't end up on one of those Yoyo diets. You may trim down your bills rather fast, but your bills will get even bigger once you step off the diet.

I myself decided to go cold turkey on collecting (a couple of years back after a bad incident with Age of Apocalypse), and slowly began a slow (but controlled) collection of Groo, other SA/ME works, and certain Mangas. Take care.

                     -Saad (Hey, I share initials with Sergio) Azim

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