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Monumental Event at Hand!!!!

Hi Folks!
Well, it's a big deal to me anyway.  The current "count" of all items listed on the Official Unofficial Groo List is 999!!!!!   That means on Sunday at the latest, when Groo appears in the Sunday Megazine of The Sun newspaper in Malaysia for the 194th time, the list will reach 1000 items.  Now granted, a few  of the items are a little lame, but Hey!  With the Spanish reprints still coming out, The Sun reprints, new Groo in January (be still my throbbing temples!!!), the Chistmas ornament in January (soooo appropriate!)  and who knows what else, the list will be over 1,000 before you know it no matter how you look at things!!!  Whoohoo!!!! 
Now if I could just find those last 40-odd items I don't have and the actual 111 Megazines Azamin sent me photocopies of, well, I mean, gosh, what WOULD I do if that happened?  Maybe solve the Balkan situation or discover a cure for cancer.  Or at least finally get the door for that shed built and hung!!! 
For those of you interested, here is the latest count.  Maybe during Christmas vacation my boys will show how to create a simple web page and how to update it w/o a lot of trouble.  Take care all -
Original Groo Adventures              157    157      0
Groo Reprints                               18      18       0
International Groo (known)            160    153       7
Malaysian Newspaper Reprints(1) 193    171@   22
Groo Merchandise & Misc.            86       79       7
Groo Cards (Reg. & IG)                162    162       0
Groo in MAD Magazine                 69       69       0
Other Original Groo Appear.         154     147@    7
TOTAL                                       999     956@   43

@    MNR Includes 111 Photocopies, OOGA Includes 2 Photocopies
(1) The Groo reprints began on March 10, 1996.  There have been 193 Sun.
Megazines through December 5, 1999. 
Gary G.